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    Sunday, May 13, 2018

    7 Less Known Facts About The Courier Services

    Courier industry is winning hearts of the business owners and well as individual customers by its note-worthy service quality. Most companies now rely on this particular service to cut down their company costs. Courier service providers are chosen for their reliability and safety. You feel relax and secured when you need a very important parcel to reach somewhere and you know that you have assigned this job to the most reliable courier service. This article is going to provide you some tit-bits about the background of the courier industry.

    #1 It was in the 2400 BC in Egypt when the first standardized courier service began. The monarchs, generally called Pharaohs, during this era, started using this service to deliver their important documents and letters to various places.

    #2 Wells Fargo was the first and foremost professional courier service to start in the United States.

    #3 The words "courier" and "mail" are somewhat closely related but no one knows where does the word "mail" came from. It originated from the English word "male' in the medieval period where "male" implies "traveling bag".

    #4 Another fascinating trivia that most of us are still unaware is "Marcophily" is a specialized subject where people study in detail about postmarks, hand or machine applied postal markings, cancellations, and postal system.

    #5 Two teenagers established the well-known United Parcel Service in 1907, which was initially named as American Messenger Company. It changed its name in the year 1919.

    #6 A postal service company was built up in the United Kingdom in 1516 but the service was unavailable to the public till 1635. It was only after King Charles I came into power and this postal service called Royal Mail was accessible to the people for use.

    #7 In London, "Mail Rail" was the only underground rail system that was used by the London Post Office to transport and distribute mails. However, this service closed down in 2003 as soon as it came to the realization that its cost of transporting mails is way more than usual above the ground transportation.

    Hope by now, you have gathered and learned something new and exciting facts about courier, postal and delivery services.

    However, by far, courier services have evolved and transformed to a whole new level. Introduction of smart technologies are further fueling the evolution. From localized, distant-specific delivery services to long distance, overseas deliveries to same-day deliveries, the industry has come a long way. Moreover, with inception of smart technologies and IoT, those days are not far away when drones will be flying above to provide super-fast and instant delivery of goods.

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